Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Healthy start vouchers

It's been a busy few days here.

Yesterday I saw something I still can't quite believe.

I was in Iceland (alas the shop not the country) and there was a pregnant woman arguing violently after being told she couldn't use her government healthy start fresh food vouchers to buy frozen pizzas.

The lady seemed to be of the impression that allowing the government provided free food voucher designed to encourage women to eat healthily during pregnacy to only be redeemed against healthy food amounted to a 'police state' and was prepared to have a stand up row about it.

The crown jewel in her argument against Iceland limiting redemption of the vouchers to fresh vegetables was thus:

"you are talking fucking bullshit you twat, at Morrison's I can use them to pay for my cigarettes"

Lucky unborn child.


  1. Dude, you're shopping at Iceland! Is there room to comment????

  2. hahaha,

    Busted. I was considering pretending that I was just passing but no. I admit it. I was buying a chicken tikka lasagne to eat while my wife was out.


  3. There's a bus stop right outside the one we live near and I've seen people actively moving to the next one further down, to escape the freaks! This crazy encounter is all your fault - order take out next time!!!!!