Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Things that drive me nuts in Supermarkets

I Just wrote a nice post about a supermarket. But it made me remember two things I hate about supermarkets.....

1) Cashiers that put things I purposely didn't bag into a little plastic bag. If I put two lemons loose on the belt is because I am cool with my lemons being lose. I am happy for them to mix with my other shopping in my main bag. I don't want a little poly bag at home, I have no use for it and it will just go for landfill (incidentally, Plastic bags were only invented in the 1960's - how do they know they take 500 years to decompose in landfill?)

2) Machines where you put your spare change in and it give you a credit note to spend in store AND CHARGES YOU. Seriously WTF? Do you have any idea how much supermarkets pay to have sacks of change delivered in Securicor vans? A lot. Transporting change is expensive, supermarkets give out way more change than they receive, supermarkets pay for change. So here you are, walking in with your piggy bank filled with £30 in coppers. The Manager should come out to greet you personally, thank you for transporting that heavy change to the shop and beg you to spend it at till rather than your paper money. He should probably offer you a couple of quid for the savings you have made him. But no, instead they put a big machine where you pour your money in, it chunders away and prints a credit note for something like £25.10 that you have to spend in store today, the mark up on supermarket stuff is something like 20-50% so you go and buy £30 of stuff (which costs the store £15), your credit note is only £24.90 so you pay with an extra tenner and get £4.90 change (which is the money you came in with that they have just gone and got from the back of the machine).

You went into the shop with £40 (£30 change, £10 note) Spend it all. Came out with £15 worth of stuff + £4.90 (which is only worth £4.20 because you put it in the piggy bank and will pour it in the machine at a later date)

The supermarket keeps your £35.10 and has probably saved an additional £1 on change delivery costs. ARRRGRGGGGHHHH. STOP USING CHANGE MACHINES. Just dump the bags of change directly with the cashier - they will take them, or better still be organised and drop them into your bank once in a while.

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