Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Morrisons Wincanton

*Disclaimer* - this is not a sponsored post, Morrison's have not asked me to do this and sadly haven't offered any money either. I have nothing to gain by promoting Morrisons

I love Supermarkets, well I love huge shops where I can walk around and look at interesting food. I wish they didn't come with additional annoyances like 'self service' checkouts - which make everyone's life harder and puts someone out of a job, trolleys which you have to unlock with a pound coin and  not being able to find the Marmite - is it with the stocks or Jams? Oh and having to be in close proximity with the general public.

However I recently visited Morrison's in Wincanton for the first time. It has all the above annoyances and more but.....they way they display the food is so lovely that I feel compelled to blog about it (Oh dear my 5th blog post and already I am reduced to blogging about my trip to the supermarket)

This is what got me when I walked in, the machine says they spray water vapour on the food to keep it fresher long, sound reasonable but I don't care about that , it just looks really cool.. Look how nice that salad looks lined up like that glistening with water droplets. All the round lettuces were also on a "specially designed ice bed" that was also cool.
 Just look at that, I am assuming they have gone for a continental food market look and to my eye it works. Much nicer than the usual look which is more English market - 3 grubby tea towels for a quid in a plastic crate
 I will also talk about the selection, I know, I know, I used to live in London too and enjoyed supermarkets selling obscure African root vegetables and Japanese confectionery. But this is rural Somerset, in our other local food shop they have a 'world food' section - it is where they keep the weird foreign foods the tourists buy like pasta and rice.

So to find fresh Tamarind and Samphire - heaven, interesting food is the main thing I miss about London. Every time they get a chef on Woman's hour they seem to talk about Samphire and I thought I wouldn't be able to try it until we made a trip back to the city. but ta da here it is!
 Rubbish photo, but a great big local food section (we are spoilt for that in Somerset/Dorset).
The Meat, Fish, Deli and hot food counters also looked excellent as ever - they use a weird light on the butcher counter that makes everthing really deep red.

Final photo is just to show how wide the isles are, enough room for 4 trolleys, so you don't get stuck behind and old lady spending all morning deciding between cottage cheese and cottage cheese with chives.

That's it really, I am probably behind the times and I am sure closer to civilisation Morrisons have looked like that for ages, but it is news to me. I own a few shares in Sainsburys from a share save scheme when i worked there as a student. But I kind of wish I had some in Morrisons now.

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