Wednesday, 3 July 2013

First day at school

Do you remember your first day at primary school? I'm not sure that I do, I can sort of imagine it but I don't know if that is a real memory or an illusion created in my imagination. But that said, i am pretty sure I was nervous. I'm sure I was scared to be leaving my Mum, that I was shy in front of all the other children, that the classroom seemed big and scary. My eldest son is starting primary school in September. Honestly I don't think he is going to feel any of those emotions. He is about the most confident person I have ever met. Honestly he amazes me. We took him for an orientation day at the new school last week. no-one else from his nursery is going to the same primary school so he didn't know anyone. He was taken to take a look at the current reception class full of children. He didn't hesitate, he strolled in, sat down with a group of kids and proclaimed 'Hi Guys, I'm Roman. We can play trains' He immediately made friends and was playing so happily that the teacher let him stay until the end of the school day instead of going home after an hour like he was supposed to. What a wonderful way to go through life. People being cruel to him, not liking him or anything of that nature simply does not exist in his world. He does no see it. Truly every stranger is a friend and every game is there to be joined. I am so proud of my boy and I just pray that the harsh realities of life never break through his happiness and put a dent in that amazing confidence.