Monday, 11 June 2012

Scrambled Eggs

With food sometimes less is more. Some of the simplest meals are also the most enjoyable.

Scrambled eggs do it for me. So simple but so amazing.

Eggs, the fresher the better. We use whatever the ladies have produced for us, in this case its a load of chicken eggs and one quail egg. But often it wouldn't be unusual for us to be using 30 quail eggs.

Butter, we like this one, it doesn't come far to get to us, they make it on the farm where they milk the cows and it's pretty cheap really

Chuck it all in a pan. Some of the egg yolks are a bit paler than I would have liked, this is because we have some new hens that are still getting up to full health. Add plenty of Salt (Maldon if you are posh) and freshly milled pepper.
Whip it all up

Don't cook it too long, you want it slightly runny. As long as you trust your eggs.


  1. Does it taste quite different if you end up with all quail eggs?

    Good to see the lad enjoying it at the end :-)

  2. Thank you for the comment, to be honest my sense of taste isn't too sharp but I can't tell any difference between chicken and quail eggs. But truthfully If I was blindfolded I don't think I could taste between one of our hour old free range eggs and the oldest cheapest battery egg you could buy.

    Occasionally though we get given duck eggs, those are definately creamier and milder tasting.