Friday, 31 May 2013

Britmums Part 2


Name: Alex
Twitter ID: @offgridalex
Height: 5ft 7.5 (I spent years telling people I was 5ft 9 It was a lie)
Hair: Yes. 
Eyes: Yes
Is this your first blogging conference?
Are you attending both days?
What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2013?
Learning to give more expressive and multi-syllabic  answers to meme questions....No seriously I am looking forward to meeting my wife's virtual friends and to getting some good ideas on improving my personal and professional online presence
What are you wearing?
Erm....a stained vest and pants with a hole in them.....oh wait to Britmums? Ok, I want to look smart and professional. Probably a dark suit with a bright tie - I might surreptitiously remove the tie if it makes me look like a knob on the day. 
What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2013?
I would like to meet some real people to make twitter feel a bit more personal. Mostly I am really looking forward to sucking up information in the workshops. Oh and a night in a hotel with my wife and NO KIDS!
Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows
I used to be a high profile men's lifestyle coach. I was featured in most of the national newspapers (under a slightly different name, I will tell you it if you ask me at Britmums!)


I have had this blog for about a year.

Blogger tells me I have had over 4500 page views! which is very encouraging

It also gives me the embarrassing news that I have only made 18 posts. About one for every three weeks. That is not very encouraging.

The truth is, I love the idea of blogging. I love reading blogs, I love talking at people. I love being able to share my ideas, opinions, my hopes and my fears with a group of people outside of my local friends.

But here is the truth. I have commitment issues.

I don't know where they stem from. I can't remember a time when I was hurt by another blog and I am pretty sure it is impossible to get a blog pregnant.

I seem to approach the same way i do a lot of thins I have never stuck to in my life. Massive enthusiasm at the start, probably a couple of blog posts a day, a note book full of ideas to blog about....well that lasts for a about a week and then I just forget.

It's the same with Twitter.

My wife Mommatwo 'gets it'.

She blogs everyday, she won't come to bed some nights because she is tweeting.

I want to 'get it'

So I am going to make a promise, some actions that will become habit forming. I figure if I can blog and tweet regularly for a month it will become part of my life.

I have been lucky to pick up a surplus ticket to Britmums, I am looking forward to going for all sorts of reasons and really feel that it will help me develop my blog, my online presence and cement my commitment.

Conveniently BritMums is about a month away.

So here I go, and I want you, yes you, to hold me to this.

I will post at least three new blog posts per week. Every week between now and Britmums.

That is 12 new blog  posts (not much but it would increase my total by 45%)

If I do that hopefully I will find my rhythm again and with he inspiration and information I get at Britmums I will be in a great position to keep the momentum and turn this blog into something.

Are you going to Britmums?

Do me a favour. If you see me. Ask me how many posts I did. and don't let me off the hook. If I haven't done what I said I would make me squirm. Make me feel shame. Make this too painful for me to fail.

Oh and If I tell you I exceeded my 4 post a week quota  please feel free to buy me a drink to congratulate me!