Saturday, 1 June 2013

Boys club

Eliza is off to Cypher today in London. Her car is out of action and I didn't want to be stranded in our middle of no-where home without mine so I agreed to drop her at the station.

At 6am this morning we were dragging sleeping children from their beds, putting overcoats on and taking Mummy to the station. Roman was very excited and kept telling me he has never been out in his jim-jams before (he clearly has a very short memory but it was cute anyway)

So now we have a boys day. Me my two sons and the dog.

It is the first day of July, the sun is shining, I have just been paid, the world is our oyster. I have been planning adventures and things to do all week. Trying to work out the best fun we can have.

Well so far all my good plans have come to nothing. We are all in our pants (apart from the dog), we are snuggled under a duvet on the sofa (including the dog), we are eating cream cheese on toast and are reading a stack of books from Top That Publishing that we have collected over the years.

I really don't want to waste the weather and feel a bit guilty but this is lovely. We don't get the chance to do this much and I ma really enjoying it. I am just hoping now that the boys fall asleep so I can have a nap! 6am is too early for a Saturday.

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